The PIT-SIG is on Facebook!

I don’t think I am alone when I say that the AAHPM Annual Assembly is an incredibly invigorating experience. The content this year was fantastic – I learned about the advanced management of delirium, got a fantastic update on what’s new in pain management, learned about palliative care in Africa, loved the state of the science talk as usual … I could go on and on.

What always stands out the most is the “buzz.” As a current fellow in infectious disease and a (hopefully) soon-to-be fellow in palliative care, I spent most of my time with other current or recent trainees. This group, which is the membership base for the PIT-SIG, has an incredible enthusiasm. There is an obvious desire to take care of each other, by sharing knowledge, serving as a sounding board, and providing opportunities for career development. At our official PIT-SIG meeting, we set a very ambitious agenda for the upcoming year.

I know that my challenge as PIT-SIG chair is to keep that enthusiasm going throughout the year. This year, we have a new strategy: Facebook.

Please join us on Facebook under the group “AAHPM Professionals in Training Special Interest Group.” We have already started to talk about some of our most important agenda items: networking and social events at AAHPM 2010, how to find a job, plans for this blog…to name a few.

See you there!
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Christian Sinclair, MD said...

I am very excited to see some activity here on the PITSIG blog. I think there will be a cool revamping of the blog in the next few months.

If you are on Facebook get over there and start up the discussions. There is a lot to work with your peers on.

If you are not on Facebook yet and you are interested in palliative medicine as a career or are a current fellow, maybe this is the reason to get you on there.

I predict great things for this year's cohort of PIT SIG.